Cross Docking and Transloading Services

California Cross Docking Distribution CenterFlatbed Truck Services use the logistics process of receiving item and shipping it out the very same day or overnight without putting it into storage. This practice lowers the requirement for storage area and moves product quickly.

Cross-docking is especially handy when item needs to be sorted into smaller sized circulation locations, or combined with product from different manufacturing locations to be shipped to a client. Cross-docking makes one of the most sense when business need to move a big volume of product with a heavy volume with accuracy, within a tight timespan.

At FTS, our technology and experience enables us to cross-dock almost any item.

FTS Cross-Docking Services

The answer to increased in-stock product and decreased cost per unit.

Cross-docking applications in the retail, clothing, and grocery segments are a foolproof method to make sure your products hit the racks in time for the next sale. Consolidating freight can reduce costs, and an effective cross-dock may be an important piece to that puzzle. We run a few of the biggest cross-docks in the nation and our legacy expertise in both warehouse management and transportation develops the optimum option.

Supplier consolidation strategies can reduce the variety of carriers at your shop or distribution center and transportation expenses can be dramatically decreased.

Through our years of experience, we have actually found out the very best practices to store-bound freight optimization, allowing us to obtain the most from each outgoing delivery.

We will even work with your suppliers to reveal them how to finest pack the trucks for shipment to the cross-dock, conserving labor expenses throughout the combination and arranging procedure.

Cross Docking Transloading Services

Our transloading abilities, paired with the cross-dock application, help move your inventory through the supply chain. With possessions and people situated in major intermodal centers, we can be your link.

To conserve by increasing your speed to market while lowering on-hand stock, contact sales.

Crossdocking Services In California

Crossdocking maximizes our consumers’ supply chain efficiency by speeding the circulation of products to market. Developments in details systems and software application solutions permit real-time delivery status and recent shipping activity records.

California Cross Docking Transloading Services

FTS cross docking professionals concentrate on:

Accountability: We follow SOPs to guarantee shipment accuracy and timeliness.

Confirmation: Careful record-keeping of shipping activity.

Details: Real-time shipment status keeps everybody informed.

With World Distribution Services cross docking services, our clients delight in lower inventory costs, lowered delivery lead times, and enhanced client service.

Transloading Services In California

Our transload facility supplies both bulk transloading abilities from both bulk hopper trucks and covered rail hopper cars in amounts from single cars and trucks to system trains. FTS runs a private gate for trucks showing up for transload, supplies on-site USDA/FGIS examination services, and operates a private, licensed truck scale at the facility. All of which serve to optimize performance and decrease truck turn time. Commodities transloaded on-site include farming products, steel, heavy equipment, made goods, and raw materials.

Facility Information

35-acre concrete personal transload and intermodal rail terminal

Secure, totally fenced and lighted with 24/7 video monitoring

Owner Operator fleet to support operation

48-hour rail service to on dock Port of Norfolk via Norfolk Southern

Products dealt with steel, bulk farming, heavy devices, produced goods, raw materials, and so on.

Optimum cargo weight packing chances (as much as 58,000 # per 40′ container); no obese permits needed with NS direct service.

Cross Docking Equipment

  • Advanced high speed covered conveyor system for bulk transloading
  • Complete Transloading abilities from both bulk hopper trucks and rail vehicles
  • Capacity TJ7000 lawn spotters
  • Taylor 974 crammed lift (90,000 # capability)
  • 52,000 #, 30,000 # and 7,000 # forklifts
  • On-site qualified truck scale
  • Private Gate to reduce truck turn time, committed gate home, office and inspection lanes for transload operation.

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